Gillian O'Neill and Helena Haynes

The week of October 11th was an exciting time for the DECA club at State High. DECA is a business-related group that meets every other Tuesday in the North building cafeteria to prepare for competition later this year. Every year, they have DECA week which involves fun activities and events that get the school involved in the club.

Monday was cupcake day. If someone found a DECA paper under their chair, they could bring it to the Roar store and exchange it for a cupcake. The cupcakes were made by current DECA members. Freshman Stephanie Miller was among the few that received a cupcake, “I was really excited to get a cupcake for DECA week. It was really good.”

On Tuesday, the theme was Hawaiian, which coincided with a DECA meeting. Some DECA members were seen wearing Hawaiian shirts during school. At the meeting they had fun games and activities, and Hawaiian pizza along with other snacks were served. Members were also encouraged to bring as many friends as possible to the meeting to get more people informed about the club. For every friend someone brought, they received a cookie.

The next day, there was an officer raffle hunt that took place. If someone saw a DECA officer during the day they then could ask them for a raffle ticket.

On Thursday, there was a teacher breakfast where DECA members brought in all kinds of yummy breakfast foods for the State High teachers. If someone brought in something for the breakfast, they would receive tickets for the raffle.

For the end of DECA week, Friday, everyone was encouraged to wear DECA blue to show their DECA spirit. When coming up with the themes for each day DECA officer Arshia Badani said “Coming up with the days and activities can be pretty difficult, as we want them to be interesting, easy, and effective, and I think we successfully did that this year.” From seeing how the week went, it’s easy to tell that the DECA members were successful in their planning.