Simple Yet Sentimental

Ateupamateur via / CC BY-NC-ND

Kristen Miller, Staff Writer

It’s that time of the year again— chocolates, love, and cupid galore!  As February 14th rolls around, so do the people who are scrambling to find their partner a gift for Valentine’s Day.  Many people resort to the classic chocolates and flowers ordeal, but why not think outside the box? If you are in a romantic relationship, whether it be in the early stages or fully developed, show your special someone what they mean to you by trying some of these easy ideas!

  1. Card or Letter

It may sound simple and obvious, but many people forget to give their significant other a card to show their appreciation.  Of course, it’s easy to get the job done with ninety-nine cents and a trip to Hallmark, but use your imagination! Grab some markers, crayons, or colored pencils, and be creative.  You could even cut up old magazines to make a collage for the card cover.  If you aren’t that into visual representations of your love, try writing a longer, more sentimental letter.  Include favorite past memories, how they influenced your life, or why you care about them.

  1. Home-Cooked Meal

Sure, fancy dinners are nice and the food can be delicious, but nothing compares to a well made, home cooked meal.  Even if you’re not an elite chef, you can still whip together a delicious masterpiece with stellar presentation.  Think of a type of food your partner loves— Italian, American, Chinese, Spanish, the possibilities are endless!  Next, search the web or a family cookbook to find the perfect recipe.  If you have experience in the kitchen, look for more advanced techniques and styles.  If you’re a beginner, stick with the basics.  To prepare the best presentation yet, place a bouquet of flowers on their chair, carve the entree into a heart, and include a yummy treat for dessert.

  1. Date Packet

Ideas such as this one have been circling around online blogs for years now, yet few people give them a try.  Why not put together a booklet of date ideas for you and your partner?  It can serve as a personalized bucket list for couples to take on together.  You can include coupons to their favorite restaurant, brunch café, or ice cream shop.  Make a list of activities you both like such as riding roller coasters, playing frisbee golf, or going swimming, and jot them down on a sheet of paper.  After that, organize these date ideas into categories, like chapters in a book.  When you and your partner go on a date, place a checkmark next to that idea.  Try to complete them all!

  1. Thankful Cards

Science shows that increased levels of gratitude coincide with increased levels of happiness.  Make your significant other a series of notecards that highlight your favorite things about them.  Record their physical attributes, character traits, or unique quirks that you are thankful for.  They will feel even more grateful to have you in their lives, when you remind them how grateful you are to have them in yours!  You can even decorate these cards with little doodles.

  1. Scavenger Hunt

Sit down with a map, a pencil, and some creativity to make your partner a scavenger hunt this Valentine’s Day!  First off, figure out the time frame you want to give this adventure, and the resources you have available to you.  For example, will this escapade take a few hours, or all day?  Do you have access to a car, or will you have to walk?  Are you doing this hunt with your partner, or will you be waiting at the finish line?  All of these questions are important to consider before diving into the planning process.  Make sure you choose the destinations, formulate the clues, and determine the final prize.  Your special someone will surely love embarking on a scavenger hunt this Valentine’s Day!