The Girl in the Corner

When you choose something from many options there is no turning back.
Even if you try to think back to what might’ve happened, you never will quite know
Choices always sneak up on you
they scare you
they hurt you
and make you think you don’t know what you’re doing
They make you question every single part of your being
that you never know what might’ve happened
All choices will bring you down the same road either regret
or victory
One choice
that’s all it takes
you can change your life forever
it could show you
one world you may have never know you’d love
it could destroy the world you love
all it takes is just one choice
a Choice between
what you know and
what is new
The choice between what you fear
and what you feel comfortable with
it is all just one choice
Life is made up many choices but they’re just one choice in a single stream
We need to take one choice at a time
you never know what may happen You may forget your choices
but some people
never will forget those choices Any choice
you can make
can have an impact on them
and change their life
but for you it’s just donating a dollar after buying groceries

I know it’s scary not being able to know what’s in the future, or the exact path to go down our entire lives. it is only a choice of what you do for yourself.