To Live and to Dream

Kaylah Urie

I dream of humans
The ones who have talons for nails
And razor sharp canines

I dream of fairytales
The ones with gruesome twists
And treacherous battles

I dream of lives
The ones of purity and corruption
And innocence holds all knowledge

I dream of beauties
The ones who swallow makeup whole
And perfect the visible flaws

I dream of monsters
The ones who are charming
And gift us charismatically with flattery

I dream of fantasies
The ones where every good is bad
And every bad is good

And I live in realities
Where we live in lies
And ignore the truths

I live in nightmares
Where monsters are triumphant
And heroes fall to the ashes

I live in darkness
Where we hide our identities
And feed our insecurities

I live in dimensions
Where our deepest desires are shamed
And left for dead

I live in lies
Where we’re all immortal beings
And ruthlessly omnipotent leaders

But I live in truths
Where all we can do is take the world by storm
And challenge our very own existence