Discrimination Against American Asians in Modern Day Society

Stephanie Muller


Racism has existed since the beginning of time, and today some of it goes unnoticed. In modern society many people think certain things of American Asians. Captured in the photo is Lily Plute and Anna Hendey posing for Hana Wiessman.


“I don’t get discriminated against often, but sometimes I feel as if people expect me to be smart,” said sophomore Lily Plute. “However, sometimes I do feel categorized as being Asian because of my appearance. I don’t necessarily get offended by these stereotypes, but they still exist and I believe it’s something to be aware of.”


The photo was captured by sophomore Hana Wiessman and she is also of Asian descent. “Discrimination is everywhere, and we need to be more aware of it. Sometimes I do feel like people stereotype me, expecting me to be knowledgeable,” said Weissman.


The Economist.com reports that 49% of Asian-Americans have a bachelor’s degree, compared with 28% of the general population. Amy Hsin of the City of New York University and Yu Xie of the University of Michigan examined the progress of 6,000 white and Asian children. Their data concluded that the difference in cognitive abilities is in thanks to hard work. People need to be more aware that these stereotypes aren’t always untrue, but just incomplete because they aren’t the full story.