Sky Paper


Our lives are based from a verbal structure

Most creativity is suppressed by social acupuncture.

A conservatively raised child questions what’s said by his mom

Unknowing of her triggered mental war gong.

    When I was a child teachers made us read cat in the hat

And  now in high school history we talk about which celebrity is getting fat.

I’m disgusted with the world and society I live in

You “adults and leaders” are acting more like selfish children.

My eyes, the eyes of the future

I have no say, no control over anything in my life not even my self paid for personal computer.

   The school system is not logical

And no one in high power cares so any change is practically mythological.

Because if they cared they would help Us learn to be Us

And they wouldn’t put off every attempt at change and approach it with disgust.

I am 16 almost 17 and I have ideas and problems that need to at least be heard and possibly discussed

And they’ll never be heard by the cheapskates painting over structural rust.