The Wishing Well

Vella Taliare

I’ve been venturing back

Venturing close,

So close,

Too close

To the Wishing Well


I was far away and forgetful

They say ignorance

Is the only true bliss

I danced with the grass and

I slept in fields of flowers

My thoughts rarely turned

To the Wishing Well


But the clouds rolled over

And the sun hid away

A breeze chilled my heart

The flowers less vibrant,

The grass less green,

My thoughts had returned

To the Wishing Well


And I run my hand

Over wet jagged rocks

And I sit on the edge

Peering down down down

And I scream down in

To the Wishing Well


These days I can’t seem

To stay away

It’s calling it’s begging

A mysterious beckoning void

So I turn my back on the meadow

And I want to jump back in

To the Wishing Well