Invisible Strengths


When I die,

You will find nothing hidden within me.


When I die,

You will not find the caverns of my mind.


When I die,

You will not see the sparks of curiosity laced within me.


For you cannot see,

The purest emotions,

When you cut into a dead body.


The gems of my mind will be hidden,

No eyes will gaze upon

The moonlight I weaved into my soul.


As a master of my mind,
I lost many battles,

Yet you will never witness the scars.


The secrets of who I am,

Are locked behind chains

With an unpickable lock,

The only key,

Hidden deep within the darkest trench of my mind.


To learn of my pain and my joy,

You must take advantage now,

Listen to my words and my thoughts,

Decipher the desolation weaved into my words,

Uncover the excitement hidden behind my actions,

Learn of the anxiety forming in my thoughts.


Do not be a bystander of my life,

If you wish to be an activist.

Listen to my words now,

I urge you to approach me,

I will not cast you out.


Approach with caution,

And you will be rewarded.

Approach with ego,

And you will be thwarted,

Tread carefully,

Just because you can’t see my strengths,

Don’t assume them to be nonexistent.


My mind may be laced with caring thoughts

And depressive tendencies,

But my words can turn sharper than knives,

Slow to change,

But easy to equip,

Walk and talk cautiously,

I will break you before you blink an eye,

I have burdened too much pain,

I have silenced myself too often,

I have withheld too many tears,


I have learnt to let my mind run wild and free,

The outcomes do not always spill my way,

But what is life,

If not unfair and unruly?


Do not assume me to be easily silenced

Because you cannot see my talents.


Do not think me to be empty,

Because you cannot explore the caves of my mind.


Do not believe me to be mundane,

Because you did not put in the time and effort to learn of me while I walked this Earth.


Do not assume me to be like you.