This is a Cry for Help in the Form of a Poem


Pounds of worries and regrets stacked on my chest squeezes tighter

Heartbeat jolts to the rhythm of a traffic jam on the first day at a new job

Head stiffens high like skyscrapers still in construction

Feeling close to hell, like gravediggers watching a stranger’s funeral

Tight waterfall tears rush down cheek, filling up oceans

Can’t stop must stop

Lost control, dashboard spins as my brain wrecks

Feeling as messed up as a car crash but never thought of as severe

I’m losing myself by screws and parts

Yet nobody sees how my decaying inner shell

does not match my sunshine soul

My words never create as much art as my brain does

Only the rough drafts and scribbles make it out alive

This is a cry for help in the form of a poem