Manipulation by Choice


Very few things

Can manipulate our emotions

With such simple things as

Key changes and rhythm switches,

Yet music

Does so expertly.


From melancholy melodies to hopeful harmonies,

Music is the universal language,

Beats laced with moonlight,

Entrancing our minds,

Healing deep wounds and

Mesmerizing our true essence,

Music is a gift,

A gift to be revered.


But to be higher honored

Than even the music itself,

Is the musicians and composers

Who bring the magic to life,

Lacing our minds with moonlight and stardust,

If it weren’t for them,

This music

Would simply be dots and lines

On a piece of humble paper.


With quick fingers,

Clever eyes,

And consistent movements,

Musicians act more as enchanters,

Creating false worlds and manipulating emotions

With their rise and fall of notes,

Tricking our minds with their false illusions.


From all over the world,

Appealing to all different opinions,

Music is the one true bridge,
Connecting everyone together,
Despite any and all differences,

Only through music can we truly communicate,
Music is the purest display of emotions,

Not needing words or pictures to paint a picture,

But relying to sound to fill your being


Mesmerize you

With the perfected chords and accompaniments.


Playing with our heart strings,

As if it were a game,

The musicians the playmakers

And the listeners,

Innocent victims,

Entranced by the roaring music,

The music invading our mind

And controlling our hearts.


Always there for us,

Never moving,

Yet always changing,

A standstill tsunami,

Crashing down with its brick stone waves,

Pounding and thrashing,

Yet standing still,

As if every molecule was commanded by a drum major,

To “stand fast”.


To music,

I owe my everything,

I owe my writing and my thoughts,

I owe my tears and my laughter,

So dearest music,

Thank you.