A Night to Remember

Madison Alesi

A long long time ago,

beneath a snow topped tree,

casually awaited a homeless women.

December 24,

exactly is the date.

Frostbite seemed to captivate her because it was

growing colder every minute as night drew near.

Heat was what she needed, but instead she had  

icicles, which were very unkind.  

Jolly old Santa Claus was all she had in mind.

“Keep yourself on the nice list,” she said in her head.

“Lovely little elves will come dancing in my bed.”

Many people passed her by but,

nobody would say, “Hi.”

Over and over again she would say, “Hello.”

Peace be with you on this night.”

Quickly people passed her by,

rushing to wherever they needed to go.

Stopping seldomly to even give her a second look.

Till dawn, the women waited out in the cold,

under the very same tree.

Vests calm out the next morning. It had warmed up to 50 degrees,  

which was exciting to see.

X-Rays were in order, to see if the frostbite took over last night.

“You will make a full recovery”, stated the doctor, “but maybe get some

Zzz’s tonight.”