Sleepy Eyes and Messy Hair


To witness true beauty,

That is the goal of life,

True beauty

Is the rarest thing in existence,

Only found in glimpses

Of sunlight,

Of a lover’s eyes,

Of leaves dancing on the wind.


Beauty is a riddle,

Twisted within in the mind of each,

To each their own image,

Yet true beauty holds fast—

Freshly-washed face and messy hair,

Sleepy eyes and without a care,

It doesn’t matter,
You are true beauty to me.


Others may see the faults in your appearance,

Or the quirks in your personality,

But instead I see

More evidence

For my thesis on your beauty.


You make no logical nor poetic sense,

Riddling and bewitching me,

You entrance me in your beauty,

Yet never must I fear

Of feeling self-conscious by your side,

For your beauty is a quiet and nurturing one,

True kindness shining through
In everything you do.


Oh yes,

My friend,

You are beautiful,

And I cannot wait to see

Who you pick

To stay with you forever.