State Coaching

Michael Manyak, Staff Writer

There is no track team in the state you can’t compare to State High. But why on earth is your school so darn good? Obviously it’s extremely consistent talent across our track team every year. Without a doubt it’s in large part the athletes; every year we have collegiate track runners. But there’s one underappreciated aspect to the team that we don’t all talk about. And that is the incredible coaching staff.

The State High coaching staff is second to none, every year we compete at the best meets, against the other top teams in the state, all of that is in large part due to our coaches. The head coach is Mr. Shisler, a former middle distance runner for Penn State. He has perfected our long distance runners and is now working with our sprinters. Our pole vault coach, Mr. Sarah was a collegiate track runner as well. He helped get some of our pole vaulters opportunities at scholarships at great colleges. Our track team as a whole, has been greatly impacted by the wonderful coaching staff here. As Junior jumper Brandon Clark said, “I’m lucky to be at a high school with such great coaching.” This is the same sentiment across the rest of the team as well. They have made a huge difference in all of the athletes lives, on and off the track.

In summation, the State High coaching staff led by incredible coaches Mr. Sarah, and Mr. Shisler have led state high to be a consistently top track team in the state. They have helped the athletes become not only better at their sport, but better people, and State High is nothing but thankful for that.