Tropical Nightmare Strikes the Atlantic


Joie Knouse, Staff writer

It’s hurricane season, and State High is on the edge of their seat watching destruction sweep the southern end of the United States. Millions of people are left homeless, stranded, or even dead. It’s really hard to be on our end of the spectrum and not know how you can help. A lot of students and faculty have family that have been affected by the storm, and another great majority of our school’s population is just nervous for what’s to come for these millions of people. Whether you know someone who was affected by the storm or not, it was  traumatizing to see what mother nature had in store for the victims of her rage. Students like Paityn Gabany, a senior, have some ties to the storm, and are worried about how it’s hurting the people around her.

“I have a friend whose family was affected by the storm,” Gabany said. “It’s really hard to watch her struggle and not be able to help”

Gabany isn’t the only student who has friends who were personally hit by the storm. Many people have no ties with any of the victims, but are having trouble coping with the idea that this is happening to so many people. But, for many students, there is a feeling of worthlessness. A ton of people don’t know how they can help while being so far away from the issue. Matt Cruz, a senior, is someone who is struggling with not knowing how to get involved.

“It’s really hard not knowing what to do when so many people are being affected.” Cruz said.

If you’re interested and want to help,  talk to each other and find ways through SCASD that you could get involved. This is a cause that anyone can participate in even though there is so much distance between State College and these hurricanes. It may seem like we are too far to help, but there are people here being affected as well.