A-peel-ing or Not? State High Weighs in on Apple’s New Release

Lena Clark, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, September 12th, Apple unveiled its new lineup of iPhones. Among them was the iPhone X, which can be pre-ordered starting October 27th. Technology critics gave it generally positive reviews, praising its face ID and animoji features. However, many State High students have different opinions and were quick to give their input.  

“The iPhone X is a bold move into the future on Apple’s part. The new technologies are exciting because they allow for features like facial recognition and augmented reality. The design and cameras look amazing,” Lachlan Campbell, junior, said. Justin Vescio, senior, added, “It looks cool. I’d probably buy one if I had the money.” Tejas Wein, a senior, said it’s the nicest iPhone yet.

But reactions are not all positive. “The iPhone X is a piece of garbage. It disrespects the modern consumer,” Quara’e Canady, senior, said. Shant Kervandjian, junior, thinks the phone is unnecessarily pricey and says he would never pay a thousand dollars for a phone. “I’m an Apple product kind of guy, but it’s overpriced,” Mr. Wilson, a U.S. History teacher, said. “It’s a terrible product by a terrible company that hasn’t done anything worthwhile since Steve Jobs died,” Donovan Brubaker, junior, said. Nate Smith, junior, says he does not approve of Apple in general because of the way it treats its overseas employees.

A survey of State High students revealed that 53.8% of students feel positively about the iPhone X, while the other 46.2% feel negatively. 87.5% of students do not believe the thousand-dollar price tag is worth the technology updates, and 68.0% say that if the phone was less expensive, they would be more likely to consider purchasing it.

Despite the wide variety of responses from students, all these opinions are based only on speculations and critics’ reviews. To find out if the benefits of the iPhone X truly outweigh the costs, we will just have to join the rest of the world in waiting until November 3rd.