SNAIPSHET – A Play on Words


Seniors Olivia Marshall, Ted Zhang, Ted Rosenblum, Morgan Higgins; juniors Abigail McGuire, Katrina Cole; sophomores Nicole McFaden-Derer, Tynan Butler; and freshman Isabelle Snyder rehearse on stage at SNAIPSEHT, the last informal rehearsal and construction build before Tech Week. Snyder, who plays Rabbit on stage, said, “It was really fun and I felt like the run went quite well. It was a really good experience to have so many friends and people that worked on the show in the audience.”

This past Friday the State High Thespians embarked on a last push effort to pull together their show and their set. This last effort is called SNAIPSEHT – why is it called that? No one knows. Even Jill Campbell, director and advisor for Thespians, only knows that “SNAIPSEHT” is “THESPIANS” backwards. No matter the name SNAIPSEHT is still a huge tradition for the Thespians. Campbell, said, “[SNAIPSHET] is our night before full-out tech of the show begins. We run the show after school for all of the students on our crews to see it and then we have a covered dinner and then everyone, actors and tech alike turns up to help finish technical things that need to be done before the show.” This covered dinner is organized by the Thespian’s parent partner, BRAVO, and dishes are brought in by all of the classes. After dinner, everyone splits up and starts to work.


Obviously, with all fifty plus Thespians present this night can be very stressful and unproductive if not run well. All crew heads and designers are required to come up with a list of things in their department that must be done before the night is out. Scenic designer Jennifer Kenyon said, “It is a challenge to plan and balance the demands of all the different groups. Many scenic elements need to be installed in a certain order, and if complications occur, then it often affects the other groups. Often it seems there are people standing around and qualifying for safety reasons and on others, and keeping attention focused and energy channeled positively can also be a challenge.”


However, this past SNAIPSEHT was viewed as very successful. “I feel that the run went quite well.” Isabelle Snyder, a freshman who plays Rabbit, said. The Thespians were able to put up the last parts of their set, and draw the murals on the proscenium arches – something which they were given clearance to do because the auditorium is being demolished early next year. Everything else that needed to be finished is being refined during technical rehearsals this week in order to be ready for the shows Thursday through Friday. But, regardless of what happens this week or even during SNAIPSHET, “the show must go on!” Go and see the State High Thespians perform House on Pooh Corner this weekend at 7:00pm on Friday and Saturday, and 2:00pm on Sunday.