Cookie Decorating

Olivia Zhang

Opening on Friday, December 15th, State High Interact Club held the first cookie decorating party this year during a basketball game. Community members can decorate a cookie for one dollar to support Interact Club. All the materials were raised by club members. The decorating collected approximately fifty-five dollars and the money is going to Interact. Jeanette Felmlee-Gartner, the president of Interact Club, said, “Our goal is to make as much money as possible since it benefits our community service club.”

The cookie decorating party is a fundraiser that has been held by Interact Club the past two years. Since it benefits our community and Interact Club, members held their event in an effort to raise funds. Interact Club made one hundred percent profits for this event.

Interact Club helps our local community and the world with multiple activities. Members volunteer at Foxdale Village, an assisted living facility for older people, they hold fundraisers for organizations and hurricane relief initiatives. “ We have done a car wash for Flint, painted pumpkins for Foxdale, made dog treats for Paws, Float on Seniors, and Wands for Wildlife which collected mascara wands for animals”, Felmlee-Gartner said.

Students can get to know more about our community and help people by joining Interact Club. They can also gain community service hours by volunteering with the Club. “Interact Club is important because we do service for our local to global communities and even the school. Interact Club lets State High students take an hour out of their week to help a cause bigger than themselves”, Felmlee-gartner said.