Are They Frozen or Acting?

Delaney Kenyon, Staff Writer

This past December 31st the State High Thespians took part of First Night festivities by posing as mannequins in the local Appalachian Outdoor windows. Groups of three students found various pieces of outdoor clothing and gear and planned a scene. Each group holds a pose for three minutes, gets a break of 30 seconds, and then strikes another one. The real-life mannequins hold a total of three poses. After that they switch with another group and, depending on the number of people that volunteered, either prepare for another round or leave.

Live mannequins seems like a very strange idea, but it is actually a great acting exercise for the students, and an amusing activity for bystanders to partake in. Jill Campbell, director of Thespians, said “It’s fun, good focus training and gives the troupe an opportunity to have fun while providing a entertaining First Night Community event. Everyone has an opportunity to participate with their friends in front of a community audience.” She added that “Our local community also has a chance to find out who we are.”

Katie Spearly, a junior in Thespians, said that she signs up for the event every year because “It’s fun, and a good way to connect with friends over break.” She also said that the actors do not receive that much harrassment. “Most people don’t, but occasionally your friends will tap on the window or make weird faces to try and get you to move.” Staying still can be difficult, especially, Katie says, if you do not space yourself. “It’s not that difficult, but you need to make sure you’re not doing anything too difficult.”

Katrina Cole, junior, Auden Yurman and Tynan Butler, sophomores, pose as live mannequins in the window of Appalachian Outdoors at First Night downtown. “It’s super fun. It’s also fun to watch people try to make fun of you. I had a friend outside going ‘Olivia’ really loud so I could hear him because he was trying to break me so it was hard but I love it,” said Olivia Marshall, senior.

State High Thespians will most likely be doing this event again next year, so if you have a chance to walk down Allen street during First Night 2019, take the opportunity to compare what’s more frozen – the ice sculptures or the live mannequins.