I Thought I Was Ready

Dalilah Fields

After only dating for two months I thought I loved you

After dating for three I thought you were the only one for me

But why would my one and only degrade me

Disrespect me

I was only fourteen when I was on my knees for you

I thought I would have died for you

I was only fifteen when I was on my knees in the back of the movie theatre for you

It was my birthday.

I thought I was ready.

But once you start having sex there’s no stopping

You can’t tell your boyfriend you want to wait till he gets on one knee when you’ve already been on yours

I thought I was ready

I thought I was cool girl, fun girl, flirty girl

I thought he won’t leave if I make him happy

I thought I still loved you when to you I was dumb girl, slutty girl, mean girl

And yet I still loved you

I thought I was ready when you wanted me to hit you in the face and I said no because I thought you might return the favor

I watched as I became lonely girl, abused girl, sad girl, as I became his girl

And I still thought you loved me.