Kicking off April with Fools

Olivia Zhang, Staff writer

On the first day of April, people usually start their month with jokes and tricks.

April Fool’s Day is an annual celebration in lots of European and western countries. It is not a public holiday, but it is a day folks enjoy, especially the jokers.

This year, April Fools was during Easter break, a time when students and teachers spend time with their friends and family.

Mr. Wilson, a social studies teacher in ESL, often makes jokes with his students in class. He has done fun tricks with students in past years. His favorite joke was to take a twenty dollar bill and put it on a piece of fishing line. He then put it in the hall and waited to yank it when a student reached for it. “Twenty dollars is risky, but it’s worth [it] when you are good,” Mr. Wilson said. He could not do this to his students this year because April Fool’s Day was during break.  

Mr. Wilson has his personal April Fools story with his wife which he remembers the most. When they were first married, his wife found him in the morning on April Fools and they had breakfast together. Mrs. Wilson looked at him seriously and said that she had something very important to tell him, which was they were going to have a baby. After the joke, she told Mr.Wilson it was an April Fools joke. “She did this joke  many times, I can’t even tell you how many years she got me with this joke,” Mr. Wilson said.

One day devoted to tricks in the year inspires people to come out with different and new ideas every year. As the internet plays a big role in people’s social lives, more jokes are made online instead of face to face. “You have to be really careful with your April Fools joke. They can’t be mean, they can’t be hurtful, they can’t cause any damage,” Mr. Wilson said. Fake news, videos, and photographs were used by people to play many pranks. Aprils Fools even became part of the inspiration for coverage in newspapers and television companies on the first day of April.