Hey, Batta Batta


Photo Courtesy of Tyson Cooper

Tyson Cooper (16), junior, stands at a base and surveys the field during the game against Central Dauphin High School. Varsity Baseball won the game with a 13-3 score, demonstrating their hard work during the season so far. “We started off a bit slow this season, but the win against Central Dauphin gave us some momentum,” Cooper said, adding, “All we have to do is stay focused and keep competing and we’ll get it going.”

Ella Simpson, Staff Writer

Varsity Baseball at State High is getting through the season with hard work, dedication, and focus. With goals set in mind and a reflection of past successes, the team members are striving to have a victorious season overall.

“We have not gotten off to the start we wanted to, but we are using it as motivation to improve,” freshman Jake Cooper said. The team faced a 5-0 loss against Chambersburg Area High School at the start of the season, a 14-0 loss against Red Land Senior High School, and a close 7-6 loss against Cumberland Valley High School.

Despite a few losses so far, the team has proved their skill with a 13-3 win against Central Dauphin High School, a 17-0 win against Carlisle Area High School, and an 8-1 win against Hazleton Area High School. The skill, however, does not come easily, and requires a lot of dedication from all team members.

Everyone has a job to do on this team, and in order to master that job, everyone has to be dedicated to improvement,” freshman Jack Wunz said. Wunz added, “Hard work and dedication is key to be able to play your hardest.” Along with Wunz, Cooper agreed that by bringing their best to the field, the team members all benefit. “We all put in a lot of work and are dedicated to getting better so we can be the best players and team we can be,” said Cooper.

Along with the devoted mindset the team carries, other important aspects for success during the season are camaraderie amongst the players, as well as a focus on teamwork with specific goals in mind.

Reflecting on how teamwork has brought the team members closer, Wunz said, “We treat one another as a family, and because of this, I believe I can play to my full potential.” Senior Justin Vescio also enjoys time with teammates. My favorite aspect of playing baseball for State High is having a good time with my teammates during practices and games and working together toward a common goal everyday of getting better and winning,” Vescio said.

This year, the team has one specific goal in mind.

“Coming up just short last season in the state semifinals, the main goal going around the team is to win that semi-final game this year and then win the state championship,” Vescio said.

Will they reach their goal? Only time will tell, but within that time, the team will continue to strive to put their best effort into each practice, and enjoy every moment.