Girls Tennis Keeps Their Winning Streak Alive!

Chloe Harper, Staff Writer

 On Thursday, September 6, the Girls Tennis team hosted Lower Dauphin at Community Fields. They went into their game with an undefeated record of 7-0 and kept their streak alive winning all five of their varsity matches.

     The girls have been working hard all summer and into the fall. They began their season at Palmyra High School in mid-August. To win the varsity team has to win three out of five games. However, the girls have proved their skills by winning all five of their games at Palmyra, and against every team since. They are already halfway done with their season, and so far things are looking hopeful. According to sophomore Abby Reed, “The team keeps improving with every match and our teamwork continues to get stronger.”

Sophomore Keya Ahrestani said, “Soon we will be playing more advanced teams, but I think we can give them a good fight.” Ahrestani has been on the varsity team for two years, playing doubles with Marissa Xu. The girls made it to districts last year and hope to go even further this year.


Senior Kelly Vanden serves the ball at home match against Lower Dauphin. Kelly and the rest of the team won the match Thursday. According to Vanden, “I always find that having a positive mindset can be a real game-changer in a match.”

The State High Tennis team has a tight bond on the team and are constantly supporting each other. Abby Reed shared, “We played really well as a team. The double teams communicated really well, and all my teammates were cheering each other on.” Reed and her teammate Ellie Morar won their match 6-0.  

Freshman Jenna Schreiber agreed about the positive environment adding,“ I feel really welcomed onto the team as a freshman, and it has been a really positive experience.”

  Fans can support the girls in their next home game against Cumberland Valley, at 4:30pm on September 21 at Community Fields. Let’s go State!