The 100th Day Mixup


Poppy Rusca

Sophomore Ava Beviliqua and freshman Lilia Sahoo in Spanish class on the 100th day of school, hoping for some celebrations.

Poppy Rusca, Staff Writer

The 100th day of school this year was Jan. 31, 2022. However, the typical State High 100th day of school celebrations were held on Feb. 1, the 101st day of school. When students attended school on the 100th day, and found that the milestone was barely acknowledged, they were upset. 

Emotions were running high during classes on the 100th day.

“I am a little upset because I feel like the 100th day of school shouldn’t just be something that people don’t worry about, because when you think of it, school can be really stressful and a celebration of 100 days would mean a lot to some of the kids at State High,” sophomore Colin Dardis said. 

This time of the year can be really difficult for students. At this point, students have been in school for a significant amount of time, and it is common to feel burnt out or unmotivated. Many students were hoping for some recognition on the 100th day this year after all of the hard work that they have put in. 

“I feel very upset and disrespected, almost. It is almost like I am not appreciated for the hard work and effort that I put in,” freshman Michael Gaul said. 

However, on the morning of Feb. 1, the 101th day of school, the Student Senate laid out candy for students and passed it out in the hub. This is the usual 100th day of school celebration at State High, just one day late and a little last minute. 

“I didn’t get a text, I didn’t even know that we were doing anything until the night of the 100th day of school. I was told to come in early the next day and pass out candy,” Freshman Senate Treasurer Annika Ross said. “When we got there, it was mostly just the seniors doing things. I felt like it was a little bit underappreciated because this is our first year back in person in a couple years, so I feel like school is a lot harder for some people. A little bit of a celebration to celebrate 100 days, every single day, in person learning, after the pandemic should’ve been a bit more appreciated.” 

State High students seemed to be very curious about the reason behind the late celebrations, and Senior Senate Vice President Mia Iceland was able to offer some answers.

“We thought it was on the 100th day of school. Nathaniel [Sims] the president, and Mr. Kissell counted the days, like 3 times, but something was off. But, you know, we tried to make it on the 100th day of school. That was just a little mistake,” Iceland explained. 

Regardless of the mixup, the intent was still the same.

“Even if it was multiple days off, we just wanted to celebrate the fact that we’ve made it this far and that we are more than halfway done at least,” Iceland said. “So I think regardless of what day it was really on, it was about making people’s day by handing out candy and people getting excited to eat it. Just something different in their normal lives is honestly the entire purpose of the 100th day of school.”