How to Make the Most of the Warm Weather


Avery Bopp

The sun sets on the upper part of Circleville Park on April 7, 2022.

Avery Bopp, Staff Writer

Spring has arrived in State College, and the weather is warming up week by week. With the countdown to summer starting, it can be difficult to think of things to do and places to go. For those who are bored and want to get out, here are some suggestions: 


Circleville Park

Circleville Park is a free multipurpose space where people can do nearly anything. The park hosts various courts and fields for sports like sand volleyball, bocce, soccer, baseball, softball, basketball, and tennis. All around the park, going through fields and bushes, is a disc golf course.

Apart from the sports facilities at Circleville, the park has acres of grass fields that are perfect for picnics, games, and relaxation. If grass isn’t your thing, or the weather isn’t great,  you can still hang out under the shade of one of the many pavilions there. Pavilions can be booked for parties or gatherings and include fireplaces, iron grills, and picnic tables. 


Community pools

Around town, there are a couple of cool pools with amenities, namely Park Forest and Welch. These are great for hanging out, having parties, or just taking a good swim. At both pools, prices range from free to $10, depending on your age. Alternatively, you can opt to purchase a season pass, which costs $110 for ages 11-64,$85 for ages 3-10 and 65+, and is free for toddlers 2 and under. The two pools have indoor bathrooms, snacks, grass and concrete sitting areas, and many certified lifeguards.

Park Forest Pool, in the heart of the Park Forest neighborhood, is a great place to cool off in the shade of many trees. Park Forest has two water slides; one going into deep water, and one more suited to younger children. Along with slides, there are also two pools: the main pool has diving boards going into the deep end, while the smaller pool has shallow water and water features that spray and splash.

Welch Pool, located right next to the high school, has several interesting features, including a climbing wall, a whirlpool, and a lazy river. In the middle of the main pool, there is a playground with a small slide. In addition, there is a separate lap pool so that people can enjoy a good workout while others can play around. 


Tom Tudek Memorial Park:

Similar to Circleville Park, Tom Tudek Park is also a free space with many things to offer. There is a sidewalk system that you can follow to get a tour of their butterfly gardens and pay a visit to the farm on the property to pet friendly horses. 

Tudek Park hosts basketball courts, tennis courts, large fields, and indoor bathrooms.

The park has two large playground areas perfect for any weather, one in the shade, and one more uncovered. Parents can sit under pavilions and watch kids, as well as do all of the same things available at Circleville Park. 

Unlike other parks in the area, Tudek has a dog park, which is split into sections for small and large dogs. Both sections are fenced in grassy areas with bags provided to clean up after your animal!