Boys Lacrosse Team Crushes Cedar Cliff on Senior Night

State High Boy’s Lacrosse team running to celebrate their victory at the North Field on Tues. May 3rd.

Lisa Wang, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, May 3, the State College Boys Lacrosse team competed against Cedar Cliff at the North Field, winning the game 15-4. Students gathered around the field, cheering for the highlight of the night: the seniors. Throughout the game, the seniors proved time and time again just how important the upperclassmen are.

Before the game began, each of the seniors received recognition. Every senior on the team had their names announced and the positions they played. All of the seniors received warm applause from the team and the fans cheering them on. 

From the moment the game started, the team was immediately on alert. Within the first few minutes of the first quarter, the team had already scored a point, thanks to freshman Cooper Brushwood. By the end of the quarter, the team had already scored five points, while the Cedar Cliff Colts made no progress, resting at zero points. By the end of the second quarter, State High managed to score six more points, while the Colts remained at zero points. Ending the first half with a score of 11-0, State College.

The Colts did manage to score two more points in the third quarter, however, it was not enough to overcome State High’s lead. The third quarter ended with a score of 15-2. Although State High did not manage to score any more points from that point on, the Colts only managed to score two more points, the final score being 15-4. 

“Well, I play offense, we played super solid on offense. Our passing and catching was a lot better today. I think we flowed really well. Credits to the defense, they played just as well,” reflected senior Brandon Price, after celebrating their win.

Although the senior players were the highlight of the night, the underclassmen showed their determination on the field as well. 

“It was really fun watching some of the younger kids and the people that play less get in there and get the job done,” shared senior Owen Perry, recognizing the underclassmen that pushed the game forward.

Being the last home game for the seniors, the seniors had a lot of people to thank and multiple fond memories to reflect upon. 

“[My favorite part of playing lacrosse at State High were] the teammates; it [the lacrosse team] is such a fun environment. Some of these guys have been my best friends for the past four years, and they’re going to continue being my friends for the rest of my life really,” Perry stated fondly. 

Perry also wanted to thank his teammates for being the people who pushed him to continue growing as a lacrosse player.

“[I would like to thank] my teammates, and then the coaches and stuff. They came in my junior year. Kaluza, Kielbasa, Haraba, and then, of course, the captains, Pete Franks and Owen Moore,” Perry listed. 

Price also wanted to thank the coaches for making lacrosse a very special part of his life, along with his parents. 

“I want to thank my parents. My mom, especially. [She] pushed me to play lacrosse a lot,” Price said. “I want to thank my coaches too; they are the best coaches in the state, and I believe that.”

Looking ahead, the team is hoping to go undefeated the rest of the season.

“We’re doing well. I mean,  I wish we could’ve beat those two teams [Cumberland Valley and Trinity], but it is what it is,” Price said. “We’re going to go undefeated for the rest of the season.” 

The State High Boys Lacrosse team competed against Palmyra on Monday, May 9, and the team is expected to play in the playoffs later this month.