Disc Golf Takes Flight


Emily Ishler

Zack Aneckstein, co-founder of the Disc Golf team, mid-throw as he attempts a putt at Tri-Municipal Park.

Emily Ishler, Staff Writer

State High has never had a disc golf club before until seniors Evan Baxter and Zack Aneckstein decided it was something they wanted to create.

“We were playing disc golf one day and this was around the time we were really getting into it, and we thought well, a lot of other people would really benefit from the club. It’s something we love this much [so] many people will too,” Baxter said.

The club plans to have weekly meetings on Thursdays right after school. With this new club, Baxter and Aneckstein hope to help students find a club and sport to enjoy. It allows people who have no idea what disc golf is the chance to learn and also provides those with more experience a chance to compete.

“The best part of disc golf is it leads to opportunities for social interactions much more than just the sport itself. It’s like a party and a sport at the same time,” Baxter said.

Disc golf is a sport where players throw discs and aim them at baskets throughout the course. Players keep score based on how many throws it took them to make it into the basket. The lowest score wins. It’s a strategic game that requires players to switch their discs depending on their position.

Oftentimes after Aneckstein takes his first shot he switches out for a new disc to get the best chance to get it in the basket. If he’s about 40-60 feet away from the basket he goes for a layout so he can park it. To park is when a disc lands a few feet away from the basket which is why Aneckstein chooses the Shark for this job.

“[The Shark is] a mid-range disc […] I only ever use it for certain shots like layouts. When I’m close to the basket but not close enough to putt I will try to lay it up so I can secure the putt. I get really excited when I get to use it ’cause it’s shark time and it’s time to park the shark,” Aneckstein explains.

To generate interest in this club Baxter, Aneckstein, and other members told their friends about it and set up a table during the Activities Fair. They were filled with excitement when they saw that 80 people had signed up.

Junior Joshua Carlson, a member of the club, shared what he appreciates about the sport.

“I like disc golf because it lets me get out in the woods and have fun walking around and throwing discs. It’s fun because it’s a really technical sport where there are moments for straight power and [there are] moments for being real[ly] careful about where you throw and [moments for] playing smart,” Carlson reflected.

The club had its first meeting after school on Tuesday, September 27, where they discussed their plans for the year. The club plans on playing at different courses such as Circleville Park, Harvest Fields, and Bernel Road Park. Its first outing was on Thursday, September 29 at Circleville park, where Baxter and Aneckstein taught new members the basics. The club plans to continue to meet regularly and play until late November when the weather gets too cold. The club will then resume in either March or April, depending on the weather.