Homelessness Awareness Week


Veronica Lacobazzo

State High students create posters to share information about the resource drive.

Lacey Sheaffer, Staff Writer

All over the world, the homelessness crisis worsens every day. An estimated 150 million people in the world are homeless. In the United States alone, around half a million people are homeless. Given the number of homeless people, State College students are working to assist the people in need. 

November is Youth Homelessness Awareness Month. This National program aims to draw attention to the homeless and educate people about how they can help. Eager to help, Student Government, Key Club, and the IB program decided to organize a resource drive for homeless youth. In the 2021-2022 school year, the drive collected over 600 pounds of donations. 

State High students and staff were encouraged to bring supplies such as hygiene products, pillows, Ziploc bags, cleaning supplies, sleeping bags, first aid kits, and other basic necessities 

The drive began on Monday, Nov. 14. Shopping carts with signs were located by the main office. Throughout the week, many students were seen dropping off their donations, slowly filling up the carts. Student Government member Luca Snyder was impressed by the collection. “[The donations] came to overflow the tables of the teacher’s lounge. It was a wonderful display of schoolwide generosity,” Snyder said. 

By the end of the week, over 600 pounds of donations were collected. SCASD’s district home visitor, Cindy Sergeon-Smith helped ensure all of the donations were given to people who needed them.  

“District-wide, we have about 80 students currently identified as homeless.  We will also use the items donated to families that are at risk or struggling with meeting their basic needs,” Sergeon-Smith said. 

Having service projects in our school is essential to help aid students’ learning to prepare them for the real world. 

“On a more individual level, many State High students are in a stable financial situation, meaning much of our school is able to give. As another component of that, there are members of our student body that face homelessness and work through financial turmoil. Therefore, those who have resources to spare within our school should extend them to those who do not,” Snyder said. 

It’s the responsibility of all citizens to reflect upon their privilege. Although it will take the help of millions to stop homelessness overall, by helping out the homeless in the State College community, we can help make the experience more comfortable. 

“We have a facility with state-of-the-art tech, a large array of specialized teachers, and a ginormous group of hard-working faculty who care about the student body. When one finds themself in such a place of privilege, it becomes one’s duty to spread the bounty of that privilege,” Snyder said. 

Additional resources:

Housing Assistance Available Locally:

Housing Transitions: 814-237-4863

Centre County Housing Case Manager: 814-237-1944

Centre County Women’s Resource Center: 814-234-5222

Centre County Youth Service Bureau: 814-237-5731 Stepping Stone

Burrowes Street Youth Haven: 814-234-2100 

Stormbreak: 814-234-2100 


Homeless Shelter Directory

Burrowes Street Youth Haven

330 S. Burrowes St.

State College, PA  16801

Hotline: 814-234-2100 Office 814-234-0803



Stepping Stone Transitional Living

334 S. Burrowes St.

State College, PA  16801




Women’s Resource Center

140 W. Nittany Ave.

State College, PA  16801




Housing Transitions

217 E. Nittany Ave.

State College, PA  16801




Out of the Cold Centre County

318 S. Atherton St. 

State College, PA  16801




Homeless Liaisons

Cindy Sergeon and Jeanne Knouse

240 Villa Crest Drive

State College, PA 16801

Contact: [email protected] or 814-272-8225