March is Women’s History Month?!


Avery Havird

Throughout the halls and the hub of State High were posters that briefly described the purpose and history of Women’s History Month. Photographer: Avery Havird

Avery Havird

Women’s History Month, is a month dedicated to recognizing the amazing and often overlooked achievements of American women. Originating from Santa Rosa, California in 1978, Women’s History Month has remained a brilliant beacon of light that immortalizes women’s incredible accomplishments and contributions to society. 

Now, some may be wondering why there is a month to celebrate.

When asked this question, Junior, George Mann stated, “I think there is a special month for women because they’ve made just as great advancements and achievements as men have and yet they’re still overlooked and they are not given the same amount of respect and recognition as men.”

Women have been pushing past discriminatory boundaries for years, taking on male-dominated career fields such as politics, construction, art, and engineering. Despite unequal pay, harassment, racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination, women have persevered.

Yet even after 45 years, this momentous month still has not received as much recognition as it rightfully deserves, especially in the community of State High. Compared to other celebratory months such as Black History Month and Pride Month, Women’s History Month is not as acknowledged in our high school. 

While our district does do a lot to encourage inclusion and equity throughout our community, they fall short in addressing Women’s History Month itself, only really mentioning certain historic figures through WSCH and other news platforms. Many students find this lack of recognition a bit disappointing, feeling as though it may diminish the purpose of this month and those it celebrates.  

Junior, Violet Doyle said, “I feel like it would be nice to just make it known that it is Women’s History Month. I mean it’s always Men’s History Month, so like it could use some acknowledgment. If there could be an activity or a little celebration or something, I feel like that could really be helpful for the school.”

As March comes to a close we as a community should start presenting ideas for celebrating Women’s History Month in the future. Encourage our school to hold events such as fundraisers and club activities that honor women, their health, and equality. Keep women’s history alive.