Business Classes Get Festive Before Winter Break


Matt Allgeier and Justin Vescio, juniors, share a meatball sub at the State High Business Holiday Party. Allgeier commented, “The atmosphere is good and so is the food.” The party was a great way for students to celebrate the holidays before the winter break.

Emma Ryan, Staff Writer

On Thursday, December 21, State High business classes hosted a festive holiday party to celebrate the upcoming holiday break. Many students are stressed about the upcoming year and the changes ahead like the transition into the new State High. This party was a fun way to calm those nerves while celebrating the holidays. The party was hosted all day long so students from all business classes could enjoy the holiday festivities. All students and teachers from the business department were encouraged to bring yummy snacks and treats.

The week before winter break is always stressful for both students and teachers because there is so much to get done in such a short amount of time. On top of everything, this year teachers and students of State High had to prepare for the upcoming move into the new building. There are so many tests, projects, and assignments to get turned in and graded before the 2 week long hiatus from school, so everyone is stressed. The holiday party is a fun and inclusive way to allow students and teachers to relax on the last day before break. A junior, Matt Allgeier said, “the atmosphere is good and so is the food.” Everyone had fun mingling with their peers and teachers while eating the delicious food everyone brought in.

The party was also a great way to bring all of the business classes of State High together as one. It allowed students from all grades and classes to meet each other and converse while celebrating the holidays. Junior Justin Vescio commented, “it’s bringing the business classes together and getting everyone in the holiday spirit.” It is a great opportunity to meet new people while munching on tasty food.

The party allowed the business classes to relax after a stressful week while eating yummy snacks and getting in the holiday spirit. Students met new people and new teachers while having a festive and fun time before winter break.