Mother’s Day Around the World


Harsin Bird, junior, and his mom in Washington. (Picture taken by his dad, Paul Hill)

Joao de Araujo, Staff Writer

Mother’s Day Around the World


Joao de Araujo




Another Mother’s Day has come and gone, one of the most important days of the year for many families.


Mother’s Day is a day that is dedicated to celebrate mothers, the women who raised us, and other female relatives in our lives. In many cases, they give birth to us, love us, take care of us, and do many other things for us.


Junior Abdullah Alqahtani, from Saudi Arabia, said, “Mother’s Day is very different from what I knew. In Saudi Arabia, the Mother’s Day is not celebrated officially. I mean, if you go to the supermarket you will not see anything special for Mother’s Day, but however [SIC] people celebrate Mother’s Day at their houses and sometimes they buy food and stuff like that.”


Junior, Harsin Bird, from Nicaragua, said, “In my opinion the Mother’s Day is a very cool day. My mom is very important to me, and she is with me all the time, so a day to celebrate mothers is very cool and the opportunity to give her a present is awesome.”


Mr. Wilson, social studies teacher, has a different perspective on Mother’s Day than his students. “Here in the United States, Mother’s Day is not a federal holiday, but almost everyone celebrates it. It’s a tradition,” Wilson said.


Although celebrated differently in various countries, Mother’s Day continues to be an important holiday for people all around the world.