Powderpuff: A State High Tradition


Senior Team photo courtesy of Kacey Fiochetta

Grace Roeshot, Staff Writer

Tuesday night, November 22nd, at 7 o’clock spirits were high as the senior team, dressed in black, played the juniors/sophomores, wearing white, in the annual powderpuff football game. The girls practiced together the Monday before the game, going over rules and tactics for the highly anticipated game.

The rules are similar to regular football rules except you cannot tackle someone, instead, flags were worn. The game consisted of four, fifteen minute quarters with a five minute halftime and a running clock.  

The senior team beat the juniors and sophomores, 6-0. In the first half Darina Roe scored a touchdown, which was called back, but stayed strong until the end. Kelly Mejia scored in the second half, securing the senior team’s victory.

Kacey Fiochetta, senior, played in the powderpuff game for the first time. “I decided to play because I’ve grown up in a house full of boys my whole life, so football has always been a part of my life,” said Fiochetta.

The powderpuff game is a football game played across the country where girls gather to play a game of flag or touch football. These games can be played between different schools or within the same school and different grades. The name powderpuff came from the makeup tool used to apply face powder when girls in the past would break at halftime to reapply their makeup.

This has been a tradition at State High for a long time though it came to a stop for a few years. Recently, it has come back to life. Meghan Roeshot, a State High alum, said, “I remember playing and loving the excitement, and support from the football team.” When Roeshot played, back in 1986, the boys on the football team would stand on the sidelines and act as cheerleaders.

“It was amazing playing under the lights,” said Fiochetta, “it’s breathtaking to walk onto that field and be the one with the ball instead of in the stands with blankets and hot cocoa.”  The game was a fun way for people to get together before Thanksgiving break. Fiochetta said, “I have so much more respect for our guys team now than I did before.”