Kileigh Kane: Running the Distance


Bill Shearn

Kileigh Kane, junior, runs at indoor districts last year. Kane has made strides everyday to learn, compete, and get better. “I love to run and I always want to improve,” said Kane, “it definitely motivates me to see how successful this past season was, but it drives me to work harder in the gym day in and day out because I know I can do even better.” The indoor track season kicks off on December 16 as Kane and the Little Lions compete at the Dickinson Invitational.

Anjelica Rubin, Staff Writer

Passion is what drives a person no matter what obstacles stand in their way.

For junior Kileigh Kane, obstacles are merely unneeded distractions. As a triple sport athlete, Kane proves if you love something hard enough, nothing will get in the way.

“I began track in seventh grade,” Kane said, “I have continued doing so not only for the exercise, but for my love to compete in such an amazing sport.”

For Kane, cross country is where her confidence has began to form. And though she has only been running with the girls team for two seasons, her athleticism and dedication has been a big factor in her success.

“I first began to think I could be good at the sport last year at Mid Penn’s when I won,” Kane said. “Once I overcame that obstacle I felt I could challenge myself to even bigger feats.”

And so she has. This season, Kane has broken both 20 and 19 minute personal records, contributed to the district championship win, and ended the season at a season high: 12th in the state, the first State College girl to do so since 2007.

Little things such as working hard, eating, and sleeping are all factors, but according to Kane the most important attribute to her success is her work ethic in all three sports.

Kane is a triple and long jump during indoor and outdoor track season, she has competed in events such as the 4×800, and the 800 in her past three years with the team. Yet Kane continues to strive for more. This season, she hopes to add the mile, two mile, and the 4×4 to her already extensive resume.

“I always appreciate challenges, this is just another way to test my limits, and prove to myself that I can expect a lot if I believe I can.”

One of the challenges she faces yearly is the fact that she is apart of all State sports seasons year round, while also balancing  a heavy homework load at the same time, but she doesn’t focus on the stress.

“I’ll admit it’s sometimes very hard,” Kane said. “To go to practice for a couple hours, come home, eat, rest my body, do homework, and then drag myself to work even when I feel exhausted; the stress builds up and gets to me at times, I’m human.”

Kane admits time management skills and good organization is key, benefiting her not only in the classroom, but on the track as well.

Though her talent proves itself, and her scholastic achievements will benefit her in the future, at the end of the day, one of the biggest factors in Kane’s success are her coaches and teammates.

“My coaches are a big part of my personality,” Kane said, “Not only do my coaches help me in athletics, they teach life lessons that benefit me on and off the field.”

Kane feels there’s a good balance on all of her teams because of team chemistry. “My teammates are some of my closest friends, and being able to go to practice, compete, win, and challenge each other is something I’m so grateful to be apart of.”

As Kane looks to the future, college is something she has to begin to think about.

Indoor season begins soon, and Kane has begun to think ahead to crucial meets this year. Indoor states and Kevin Dare are two of the most important meets of the year, but for Kane, goals are the least of her worries.

“I don’t set goals for myself,” Kane said. “ I especially don’t set time goals. What works for me is expecting nothing going into a meet, but continuing to work hard in practice to feel ready enough that I can hope for the best. I feel whatever will come to me, will come, and I’ll be successful when it does.”

As indoor season approaches, Kane’s determination and work throughout the year sends a message loud, clear, and full of confidence.

“Hopefully I’ll break some records.”