More Than Keys


Key Club members bonding with Men-to-Men’s members over a delicious thanksgiving dinner. “We are holding ‘Friendsgiving’ as a way like connecting our two clubs and just having a fun event before the holiday,” Key Club president, senior, Annalia Arndt said.

Olivia Zhang, Staff Writer

Many people think that students who belong to Key Club do something with actual keys, but that’s not Key Club’s purpose. Key Club is part of Kiwanis, an international organization that includes thirty countries. State High Key Club provides opportunities for students to get involved in our community and beyond. Key Club focuses close attention to what is happening in our community, and tries to help people or groups with their needs. Students work at food banks, the Youth Services Bureau, and many more.

Key Club holds various activities in school. Members sent socks and dolls to Mount Nittany medical center’s children, and collected holiday cards for soldiers. Key Club also runs the Red Cross Blood Drive at school. Students get chances to volunteer throughout activities. “Key Club is incredibly important. We do a lot around the school,” Key Club’s president, senior Annalia Arndt, said. “We have a really high reputation among teachers and the faculty. They think highly of us.”

Through their service members in Key Club have developed friendships. Key Club held its first “Friendsgiving” dinner with Men-to-Men club in the borough building. The two clubs have been working to pair high school seniors with middle school students. They brought different foods, played games, and shared their club’s’ plans as well.  “We are holding ‘Friendsgiving’ as a way like connecting our two clubs and just having a fun event before the holiday,” Arndt said.

Key Club is continuing to grow and more people attend than last year. It is different from other clubs because students have to work together to make projects, and it helps students get to know more about each other. It has an Instagram page and a Facebook account where students can take a look. Key Club holds general meetings twice a month in the North cafeteria. All students are welcome to participate in the club.