More Sleep for A Healthier Lifestyle

Olivia Zhang, Staff Writer

Just like phones need to be charged when they have no power, people need to get enough sleep in order to maintain a healthy life. Students have prioritized their homework over getting enough sleep. For high school students, they have homework and assignments that need to be done and tests to prepare for. At the same time, many students attend clubs or sports which occupy a majority of their time. Getting enough sleep is an ongoing problem for many of them.

 According to Nationwide Children’s hospital, the average amount of sleep teenagers should get is approximately nine hours. Due to students busy schedules, they often time can’t get enough sleep. “ I usually get up at seven. However, going to bed at ten is almost impossible for me because I have a lot of homework to do after school every day,” senior, Amanda Wang said.

Over time a lack of sleep can cause physical health and mental problems. According to Healthline, sleep deprivation can cause weakened memory, depression, high blood pressure, irritability, and other negative effects. Through personal experience, I know lack of sleep can cause me to be negative. Also, I couldn’t concentration well in class because of how tired I was.

For students, getting enough sleep could be beneficial for their emotional health. Getting enough sleep is a basic step toward being more positive and concentrating more. “The number one most important thing a student can do is sleep, they have to have a good night sleep before they come to school, otherwise, they can’t function”, ESL teacher, Mr.Wilson, said. Having a positive attitude is necessary and helps them to communicate better with friends and family. Getting enough sleep also helps teenager’s body to function well and grow.

Starting next school year, high school students will start school later than before. The school district has decided to change the class start time from 8:10 am to 8:40 am. Students can get up later and get more sleep in the morning. This decision could be really helpful and reasonable for all of us here in State High.

Students need to make sure they get enough sleep every day to provide energy for their daily lives and help them function. Having energy can help them concentrate better and walk through school more joyfully. It is necessary for everyone to understand how important sleep is on all of our lives.