Making A Sweet Return


Grande’s album cover features a simple headshot of her, surrounded by a beige background. The most notable feature of the cover is the fact that she is upside down. This is Grande’s first album cover that is in color.

Kaylee Richards, Staff Writer

After a year full of negativity and loss, Ariana Grande turned what could have been a very mournful record into something a little more positive. Sweetener is Grande’s fourth studio album and is the first album to be released following the attack at her Manchester concert in May 2017.

Grande’s previous release was titled Dangerous Woman, which prevailed as a blend of pop and R&B. The album was critically acclaimed and went platinum in the United States. Grande continued the same sound with Sweetener, debuting at number one on the Billboard charts.

Throughout the album, listeners can hear different patterns and vibes that have all been connected to Grande’s experiences over the past year. From her flagship single, No Tears Left To Cry, to a song titled after her new found love, Pete Davidson, Grande’s album is more than just sweet.

No Tears Left To Cry

“Right now I’m in a state of mind,

I wanna be in like all the time”

No Tears Left To Cry, the first song released from the album, lived up to the hype that was surrounding it. Grande sings about rising from a dark point in her life, and picking herself up and moving on. The song has since won an MTV Video Music Award for Best Pop Video and currently charts at number fourteen on the Billboard Hot 100.



“And it was on a day like this, yeah

If you can believe, if you can believe (if you can believe)

You’re such a dream to me”

R.E.M is more than a song that alludes to the stages of sleep. “Rapid Eye Movement (R.E.M) is a stage of sleep where vivid dreams and bodily movements occur” according to Web MD. Grande refers to a relationship being so fulfilling and memorable that it feels like a dream. The repetition in this song, along with its fluffy tone, create a very idealistic version of a budding love story.

God Is A Woman

“And I can be all of the things you told me not to be,

When you try to come for me, I keep on flourishing”

A controversial title turns out to be an empowering anthem in God Is A Woman. Grande is fully in control of her emotions as well as her love life in this upbeat song, alluding to overcoming critics and breaking the glass ceiling put over women in Hollywood.


Pete Davidson

“My whole life got me ready for you”

A new relationship brings a new surge of feelings into Grande’s life. She simply described them as “happy”. After announcing her whirlwind relationship with Pete Davidson in May 2018, Ariana Grande is on cloud nine. Many fans even argue that Davidson is the “sweetener” to her life.



“Don’t know what else to try, but you tell me every time,

Just keep breathin’”

Ariana Grande has been extremely vocal about her experiences with anxiety and puts these thoughts on paper in Breathin’. Grande has struggled with anxiety for her entire life, and the idea of simply taking it all in and just breathing seems to be a safe haven in the lyrics. Anxiety is a topic that is mentioned a lot throughout Sweetener, and Breathin’ explains exactly what that feels like for Grande. A few times throughout the song, Grande mentions an unnamed person who reminds her to breathe and seems thankful for their presence in her life.


Get Well Soon

“Here’s one thing you can trust, yuh

It takes you and me to make us

One of those days you had enough, I’ll be there”

In the final song on the record, Grande proves that she is grateful for her success, and wants others to feel the pride that she feels. Grande explains that with hard work and determination, she worked her way to the top of the music industry. She faced fears and understands how terrible it can feel to be knocked down time and time again. But Grande wants her fans to know that she is there for them and that they can lean on her in their times of need. At the end of the song, a period of silence was added to make the song reach 5 minutes and 22 seconds (5:22), which is the date of last years’ Manchester bombing.

Following a dark year, Sweetener has pulled through as one of the most upbeat and positive albums of the year. The incredibly honest record let fans in on the struggles and shortcomings in Grande’s life. The singer plans to tour in 2019, where she’ll perform a mix of past and present songs. Hopefully, Grande’s tour is extremely successful, and fans get new music soon.