Making a Raquet: Girls’ Tennis Seniors win Final Home Game and are Honored at Senior Night


Adrita Talukder

Alina Muroski stands with her family while being honored at the girls tennis team’s senior night. It was a bittersweet night, with the seniors winning their matches but being reminded that their time with the State High Girls Tennis Team was soon coming to an end. “Even though I’ve only been playing tennis for two years,” Muroski said, “Senior night is about being reflective and enjoying the moment.”

Adrita Talukder, Staff Writer

The girls’ tennis team met up for their final home match against Chambersburg at Community Field on Monday, September 23rd. The seniors crushed the competition and won all their matches, ending their last home game on a winning streak. Fans, friends, and family came to cheer on the girls at their final home meet before they went off to play Mercersburg Academy and Carlisle. The sky seemed foreboding before the match with harsh winds and cloudy skies, but as the skies cleared up and the sun shone down, the girl’s tennis team emerged victorious, bringing a sweet end to the seniors’ final home game.

Seniors Alina Muroski and Selena Kesidis played doubles together while senior Saoirse Hopp played doubles with sophomore Sruthi Ramesh. The team of Hopp and Ramesh won 8-2 while Muroski and Kesidis won 8-0. “We ended our last home game on a winning streak, so it was a great last home game,” Kesidis said.

After the teams won their matches, they cheered their teammates on. “When you hit a nice shot and everyone cheers for you, it’s such a self-confidence boost, especially if you’re having a bad day,” Kesidis said.

After the matches wrapped up, all the team members, family, and friends gathered around to end the night by honoring the seniors. The seniors reminisced on some of their favorite moments together while eating pizza and spending time with their teammates. “It’s definitely surreal, but I’m also very happy, and [senior night] makes me think back and I smile to myself, which brings back all the happy memories, and I’m really looking forward to what’s to come for us,” Hopp said.

Apart from creating life-long memories, school sports can impact students’ lives in immense ways. “In the hallways, I get to say hi to all my girls, you know, we’ve bonded over the years, so I mean; great friendships,” Muroski said. “That’s how it has impacted me.”

Senior Night provides a way for teammates, coaches, family, and friends to join together and celebrate students’ achievements and their contributions to their sport. For seniors, it’s a night to look back on their athletic career in high school and remember the memories they’ve made along the way. “I’ve been to so many other senior nights, and now that it’s finally mine, it’s very surreal,” Kesidis said. “It’s sad, but also in a good way, like, ‘Wow, my time here has come to an end much faster than I thought it was going to.’”

Though senior night evokes bittersweet emotions, one thing’s for certain: it’s a night to remember.