A Look at the 2021-2022 Senior Senate


Photo/Adrita Talukder

From left, senior senate members Kasie Hertzberg, Jeffrey Kissell, Nathaniel Sims, Sydney Sebora, and Mia Iceland pose for a group photo on the North Turf at the 2021 Senior Sunrise, on Tuesday, Aug. 24. The Senior Sunrise was the first event organized by the senate this school year.

Adrita Talukder, Newspaper Editor in Chief

After spending nearly two years online, many seniors have been eager to return to State High and make the most of their final year of high school. Assisting them in this process is the senior senate, the student group which organizes school spirit and social events. Eager to give students a memorable year, the senate has been gearing up to face what’s ahead. 

Following the class elections of last spring, four students from this year’s graduating class were elected as the senior senate officers, overseen by advisor Jeffrey Kissell. All four members held the same positions in last year’s junior senate, and are now continuing their work as student body leaders. 

The senate is composed of president Nathaniel Sims, vice president Mia Iceland, secretary Sydney Sebora, and treasurer Kasie Hertzberg. Their individual responsibilities vary, but they work together with the same goal of uniting the student body.

Iceland elaborated further, emphasizing her love for her work on the senior senate and her excitement for the events to come.

“I love putting together school-spirited events because I just love taking that responsibility, leading other people, and really just making people have fun through our school. […] Our main events are Homecoming and Prom, so I’m really excited to really get those going and really make them as fun as possible. I think it should be a really fun year, regardless of still having to wear masks,” Iceland said. 

While the senate is enthusiastic about the year ahead of them, the execution of various events this year will look different from the past. After nearly one and a half years of hybrid learning, students are returning to school fully in person, leaving the senate to grapple with budget and safety issues. 

“We weren’t able to fundraise or get money from dances or events last year, so we’re really just stuck with stuff we’ve had since sophomore year,” Sebora said. 

The senate budget isn’t used only for organizing events—many clubs and organizations ask the senate for financial support. With a budget that’s already less than ideal, Sebora noted how difficult the tasks that lie ahead of the senate will be. Despite this, she remains hopeful, believing that revenue generated from upcoming events will assist in budgeting concerns. 

Sims explained how the senate is handling organizing events safely this year, whether that looks like requiring masks or holding events outside, like the Senior Sunrise, the first senate organized event of the 2021-2022 school year. 

“We are working around [COVID] by doing things like [the Senior Sunrise], being outside. We don’t know what the rest of the year will look like with COVID, but hopefully it’ll allow us to have events like Prom and Homecoming,” Sims said. 

Going forward, the senate faces certain challenges in their plan to organize school events, but they remain hopeful that they organize events for seniors to connect with one another and enjoy their last year of high school. 

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